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CONDOLENCE - 01-06-2015


Dear respected member’s namaskar/sewayo, 

I am very saddened to inform the grieving news about the unexpected demise of Mr. Jit Bdr Dewan in Madi Sankhuwasabha Nepal, beloved father of our active member of kyc uk and former General Secretary Mr Om Dewan. And he was originally from Sothi, Madi Mulkharka, Sankhuwasabha. On behalf of Kirat Yakkha Chhumma UK & pariwars we express our hearty deepest condolence to his brave family, relatives and pray that his departed soul may rest peacefully in heaven. May God give his family the strength in this difficulty times.

  DOB: May 1926
 DOD: 31May 2015
 Place of Demise: Sothi Madi Mulkharka, Sankhuwasabha, Nepal.

Close Relatives in UK:

Son: Mr Om Dewan & Family (3rd son)

Contact Address: 

32 Bond Rd, Ashford, KENT, TN23 7UG

Mobile no. 07877232871

Kirat Yakkha Chhumma UK.

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