Kirat New Year Yale Sambat 5077

Kirat New Year Yale Sambat 5077 - 14-01-2017

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On the 14th of January 2017, it is very important day for all of the Kirati Communities. As we believe it is our New Year’s Day as we rejoice celebrating the New Year  Yale Sambat 5077!

We are particularly looking for the unitisation for all four of our Kirati-Communities that are located in Ashford. As story goes we were once 5 brothers amongst the Kirati-Community which consisted of Rai, Limbu, Yakha Chuma, Sunuwar and Dhimal but unfortunately there are only four of which are living in Ashford. 

 The Kirat Yale sambat all local Kirati residents plus all communities here in Ashford and from various parts of the Kent will gather and celebrate K.Y, the aim is to enjoy this Kirati tradition and the various forms of entertainment and cultural activities.


The venue has been carefully chosen so that the organiser facilitates to the best level to all members considering all health and safety and noise pollution here in the Norton Knatchbull School Hythe Road, Ashford TN24 0QJ.


Please attend this event to show your support and show our unity towards 4 Kirat’s.


Best regards.

Sibachan Jimi. 



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